photography · Poverty · Romania

Romania’s poor

According to the March 2017 Eurostat database, approximately 37% of people in Romania (and Bulgaria) are: “at risk of poverty or social exclusion.” This startling statistic pales in comparison to the 11 – 17% low poverty rates of Norway, Sweden, the Czech Republic and others.

“The depth of poverty ranges from as low as 13.2% in Finland to as high as 33.8% in Spain and 38.2% in Romania,” states the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) quoting Eurostat’s 2017 figures. The “depth of poverty” is defined by Eurostat as: “how far below the at-risk-of-poverty threshold the income of people at risk of poverty is.”

Even earning wages in Romania is not enough for many families to be lifted out of poverty. 

Eurostat states that: “18.8% of workers were in poverty in Romania in 2015, 13.2% in Spain and 13.4 % in Greece.”


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