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Auckland Series #1 of ‘Vintaged goods and Urban Hoods’

A familiar nomad to Auckland’s streets. He walks a lonely shadowy feat: hunched, back arched and burdened.

Natural sunlight imposes.

A boxed imagination against a skyline on Commerce Street.

A ‘Make A Wish’ clothing bin on the streets of the docklands.

An abandoned mattress in the Auckland docklands, May 2017.
A Housing First pilot strategy was launched on the 23rd of March 2017 and provides housing for the homeless, adopting a Canadian government initiative. Currently $3.7 million is provided by the New Zealand government and under the mayorship of Phil Goff, Auckland Council has provided $1 million this year towards alleviating homelessness. In the last year, Auckland City Mission has housed 128 homeless people.

Auckland City Mission, May 2017.

One thought on “Auckland Series #1 of ‘Vintaged goods and Urban Hoods’

  1. 42 K homeless … 33K empty ghost houses in Ak. A shame on a nation that once prided itself on full employment & housing for all. Thanks especially to the Key govt/corporation.


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