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Auckland’s peaceful docklands & harboured voyages

Here lies the docked memorial to the sinking of the 1985 Greenpeace flagship, the ‘Rainbow Warrior’ by the French Intelligence Services (DSGE). The ship was on its way to protest against the French planned nuclear test in Moruroa. Source: Wikipedia

New Zealand, home to the All Blacks, the kiwi fruit, jandals and the kiwi bird, has geopolitically followed a relatively smooth path towards political neutrality. A commonwealth nation, with a dominant constitutional Maori influence from the Waitangi Treaty, New Zealand’s ranking as #1 in the world for political transparency in 2016, (alongside Denmark) according to, is impressive on paper. 

With Australia and the USA, political allies, New Zealand’s political neutrality remains a sticking point. TIME magazine reported on the 26th of July 2016 that under National Prime Minister John Key, the USA sent its first navy ship since the 1980s with an agreement made (as long as the ship hadn’t nuclear arms). 

All photos taken in May 2017.



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